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About Ballard

Community History

Historically, Ballard Utah has been a rural agricultural community located in the Uintah Basin region of Utah.  Ballard consists of a mix of residential homes, farms, ranches, and open space.  The area along US Highway 40 has a variety of commercial and industrial uses along with large tracts of agricultural fields and undeveloped properties. In the past, the residents of Ballard have relied on neighboring communities for their shopping and retail needs.  Today, there are commercial establishments along the highway corridor together with some light industrial uses predominantly on the east end of the Town.

The Ute Tribal Reservation is located east of the Town and provides water to the Ballard Water System. Roosevelt City is located in Duchesne County and is adjacent to Ballard on the West Boundary of the Community. Roosevelt provides some services to the residents of Ballard. Roosevelt also provides sanitary sewer lagoons to Ballard under an inter-local agreement.  Ballard relies on Uintah County for many of its public and educational services.

Ballard has experienced economic cycles inherent to the region.  The energy extraction industry has experienced several “boom and bust cycles” which have directly affected Ballard.

Until recently, Ballard’s population has remained stable over the last few decades.  The population of the 1990 and 2000 census showed very little change.  The census estimated that Ballard’s population grew to be approximately 893 around 2015, and the City utility connection data shows a continuing growth trend, and an estimated population of 1,010 (as of 2019).

Ballard Utilities

The City of Ballard relies on the Ballard Water Board for its culinary water needs. The Water Board gets its water from the Ute Tribal System by an agreement with the Ute Indian Tribe. Currently, there are a limited number of connections available and historically the Tribe has limited the water supply in time of drought.

Currently, the City relies on Roosevelt City to provide sanitary sewer treatment. Roosevelt operates a lagoon system located within the city limits of Ballard. The main trunk line to these lagoons is located in Ballard City streets. The sewer distribution system does not currently cover the entire community.

Other utilities such as power, natural gas, telephone and TV are available within the City. Generally, these utilities have the greatest capacity in existing developed areas with less capacity as they extend to the outlining areas of the City.